Monday, January 13, 2014

Months of Silence and a lot of Noise to come

Sorry folks for the months of Silence, but we've been crazy busy.  We renovated the house for a few months and then put it on sale Mid-December.  We had an offer within a week and we are now officially closing on the house the end of this January.  We are now 1 step closer to being mobile.  Our possessions are still being pared down and things sold off!

With all of the above going on, our money has been tight, so the upgrades on The Beast that I want to do had to go on the back-burner.   The Beast did manage to get a brand new set of 6 tires somewhere in all that craziness.  Little issue with my old tires:  the metal caps were fused to the stems so I had no way to put air in them and they were over 10 years old so nobody would work on them.  Now we have brand spanking new 35 inch off road tires with a nice Discount Tire warranty for years to come.  So hopefully in the next few weeks I'll get the Solar array and batteries ordered and start rewiring the heck out of it to support long term living better.  Any electricians want to help?

On another front, I may have a source of income for this new lifestyle lined up, more info to come once I secure it.  It's not a lot of money, but I think it will more than pay for all the expenses of living on the road for a couple years.

One other thing we did a few months ago in preparation for the new lifestyle was invest in a New Hobby. So on my 40th Birthday we decided that we would learn how to play guitar.  I bought a resonator guitar and my wife got a guitar-stringed Banjo.  So maybe in a decade we'll be able to create music.

For Christmas we got each other some Learn Guitar books, so we will be trying to teach ourselves wherever we make camp.  We apologize in advance if you happen to be within earshot of what will most likely be a lot of Noise.

Things are falling into place.