Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I was kind of surprised to find out how much my younger brother resisted our plans. I totally understand why he feels like that, I used to think it was absurd too. He thinks we are insane to sell the house, he seems to like it a lot, and I can't blame him, I love our house too, but I know that there are houses that I could love right now, not after we have done this and that kind of renovation for it. He is worried of not having actual home, and I still get a good giggle out of his words when I told him that we can get much cooler house that we like, and his answer to me was: "No you can't, you'll be hobos forever".

The trick to letting go of something you love is to just simply realize that there is something more exciting to gain out of it. I thought first that my husband wanted to sell the house, buy a trailer and live in a trailer park to save money. In that case the only thing to change would have been that we would have been living in cramped space and we continued to work our lives away and do what ever we used to do to stay alive. My answer to this was absolute no, I think I said something like: "Hell no!" But I guess you get the idea, I wasn't too thrilled about it. But once I realized that he is not talking about us just moving into little box parked into the woods next to the high way, he is talking about us quitting our jobs, selling extra stuff (zeesh, there is some of that... tons of it to be a little more specific) and go where ever we wanted to, to all those places we have always dreamed about, but couldn't leave the dogs behind, or didn't have time for. Now we could live in all of them, if that's what we desired, or at least visit them, and then move on to what ever we set our minds to. Sure we would have to figure out a way to create income, but maybe I could finally tap into arts and jewelry design a bit more seriously, and Lee has always been able to work from the road, one way or the other. So this sounded not just almost doable, but rather necessary to do.

We would be even saving some money, and once we feel that we had enough of the travelling, or find a place we would like to call home, we could just settle down there. Once you see openly the possibilities it is almost impossible not to realize how amazing it would be, and how unique experience we'd have ahead of us, and it would be insane to ignore this kind of opportunity. And we want to do this while we are still healthy and are able to do it. And right now we seem to have a place in our life where it is possible to explore a bit, and it wouldn't put anything on hold, rather it seems that everything else is now on hold, just waiting for this to come true. The best part is, if we don't like it, then we will just stop. But it is pretty tough to top living your days exactly the way you want to, and not worry about everything that owning a property and maintaining a competitive career brings to you. I am ready to hit the road today, too bad that it will most likely take still several months.

Hobos or not, I still think it will be so awesome. And maybe once I will be able to start posting about our adventures, and show some images of places where we were, maybe my brother will change his mind about it. Maybe one day he will be taking some time off from work, once he realizes the possibilities, and will make a trip of a lifetime with his wife. 6 months on a road trip across USA and then he could go back to Europe and dream about spending rest of his life like we will. So many dream about this, and not all of them have the way to make it happen, we are blessed with some uncertainty that we are trying to change into a life changing opportunity.


  1. Tell your bro that if he really loves the house that much, it's for sale.

    1. I know I should, the funny thing is, he has only ever seen it in pictures, he has not visited us yet (he lives in Finland)But that would be so awesome, if someone we love would buy the house. Then it is like getting money for the house you didn't really even sell... ;o)