Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Chase For 75 Pauses... It Is Here!!!

As it always happens, the fall does bring the nice cool weather. And it looks like our chase for the perfect weather of 75F has taken a break. It seems to be perfect enough right here, right now. Few days of occasional slow drizzles and cooler night temperatures, and suddenly this seems to be my Texas in all the possible positive ways. This has brought us to reconsider selling the house and maybe just rent it out. There are so many pros and cons, it is difficult to make the right decision.

Pixie catching some rays
The weather is wonderful, and I would love to be enjoying it with my family. Alas, we work, and we work at different times, so on those days that we do work, we don't have any time together. This could all potentially change for us if we dared to take a leap into the life without boundaries, life where we can be together as a family. This house is awesome, and that is one of the reasons why we are hesitant to rent it out. To have strange people to live in your house and see that it is perfect party house could possibly make it not so perfect from the land lords point of view. There are several things that do need constant maintaining, like pool and hot tub and what not. I do not want to get the house all prettied up with tons of money, rent it out, and return to a torn down and worn out ruin. Lots to think about and consider.

Louie looking into the future, and pondering RV life
Travelling and having good time... does it get any better than that? What are we still waiting for??? This all gets more and more tempting for us as we follow the other full time RV'ers blogs and see all the amazing places they get to go to. Soon, I hope, it will be where we go too. Right now we're in process of purchasing a new (for us) RV, and if everything goes well we will have exciting news next week. This means, that we are doing everything backwards. Right now we still have our old RV Chinook that we really love, but need to sell soon, we are just waiting on getting the title for it so we can sell it. That will finally put the gears in motion, and we can get done with the renovations to the house, and hopefully either rent it out sooner than we expected, or decide when to sell it. Either way, the progress seems just too slow.

Nelli just wants to be with her family, and eat and sleep. End of story
And then on the other hand, we do not have exact date left as to how much time Lee has still left at his work. If they decide to be outsourcing sooner than later, we might be only about 3 months out until the, er, happenings hit the fan. If it all happens on a bit slower pace, we might be talking about almost another 6 months. I would rather have more time left, just so that we do have enough time to get ready.  It is an awful lot to  deal with to clear this houseful of our belongings.

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