Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sabotage! I'm Sayin' It Is Sabotage!

I was prepared to try today a recipe for a banana bread I got from my coworker. The recipe is in her church cookbook, and I can tell you, the banana bread is amazing. And I do not like banana bread. I have been proven wrong once again.

 I bought some bananas last weekend, and was hoping they would be ripe enough for this delicious bread before I started my work week. Seems like this is the only occasion known in history when the fruits are not rotting fast enough. Well, yesterday before leaving to work I peeked at them and noticed that they are getting there, almost week later than I expected, but they should be ready by the next morning for my plans.

Stealth kitty did not find bananas in the bag
Lee had been working all evening and it was time for a short lunch, that's when I saw him devouring my rotten bananas. No, this can't be true! How am I gonna blog about my awesome banana bread now? I bought some more bananas on my way home from work, but was planning on using those for banana pudding that I would take to work for our Southern potluck, plus they weren't anywhere ripe enough for a banana bread. Disappointment! But I guess it is my fault, since the peaches I bought were not ripe enough to be eaten, and the bananas were just about to go bad... that's what Lee thought. Oh well, I guess the banana bread will be my post next weekend, and instead I got to whine today.

 On another note, there is plenty of stuff I need to do around the house today, but I am sworn to silence for now, since Lee is sleeping through the day, trying to prepare for his next graveyard shift. And this would be the perfect day to cut the hedges and trim the tree on the court yard, after few over 100F days, it is supposed to stay in mid 80's. The weather felt so nice in the morning, almost could have worn longer pants, but I wanted to soak in the coolness in the air. Be blessed Ms. Autumn, we have been waiting for you!

The part where we actually get closer to being full time RV'ers, is getting closer. But we didn't make any progress, after all, the days we work are very long, 13 to 14 hours, so it is almost impossible to do anything else.

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