Monday, October 15, 2012

Naming The Beast

We both agree that the Beast needs a name. So far she has been just the Beast, but I don't think any lady would be impressed if called with a name like that. So it is time to at least entertain other options, and this is where you my dear readers will come into the picture. While our lil' Beastie is resting at the RV repair place getting her refrigerator fixed, I would love to come up with a name for her, so when she comes back we can have a fresh start, sorta... Makes sense, right? I know it doesn't but just play along, it will be fun.

Lee has claimed all the rights for her sweetheart, including the name. But it doesn't mean that we couldn't suggest names that would fit a sporty lady. Ok, I have to admit that the Beast is actually pretty fitting, and lots of people have called her Beast (including me, when I first saw Lee drive her to our cul de sac, that was the only word that came out of my mouth), but it just doesn't feel very ladylike, though I have to admit that she is quite a tomboy, but maybe she just needs some gentle guidance. So let's get all those ideas flowing. What ya think??? The Beast forever or should I keep pushing for another name? I know, our problems are not always so grave. 



  1. I'd call her Rhoda. You know - "on the road again ... you'll just be on the road again."

    When you gonna show me the murrini reduction trick, Pia?

    ~ Babette

    1. I will show it to you as soon as I see you and we have a torch around. :D Maybe you need to come over here before we hit the road??? Play day type of deal maybe... ;o)