Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Trip With Chinook

It's not the kind of trip we wanted to make, but as I am typing this, I am laying on the bed of Chinook with 3 dogs, and we are heading to the South of Texas to attend a funeral. As we drive down on I-45, I am pretty sure we have couple of skunks hiding under the table, pretty strong stench at times. Makes you wonder if the hair in my nostrils is gonna survive the burn the skunks left behind. Roadkills are everywhere, so sad.

We so wanted to take the Revcon to the road, but we didn't have a chance to clean it yet, or work on few issues we have in it. Mainly what we have left now to do is to get the fridge fixed and try to figure out where the dogs are going to sleep. I bet they think under our covers, like they've done so far, but that isn't safe anymore, since the bed is above the cab.

This part of RV'ing was my favorite, driving from point A to point B. Not so much anymore, since in order to keep one of the dogs from going crazy I have to go to "sleep" with them, so I miss on everything on the road or aside it. But I guess the only way to get them used to it, is to actually keep driving around. I don't think it is that they don't like it, I think they (or actually just Pixie) gets overly excited and maybe worries of us leaving her behind. She is unlike many greyhounds and stays indoors, doesn't dart out the door when she gets a chance, except if we are packing the RV, then nothing is going to hold her in, she will run into the RV if an opportunity arises

Over day has passed since I started to write this post, we had a funeral, lots of tears and sadness, but also laughter and like Granny wanted, tons of food. Granny was loved by many many people and she made quite many friends during her 95 years of life. She didn't want people to leave her funeral hungry and if they did, it was their own fault. We left the dogs into the RV while we were at the funeral, and we were so glad to notice that even Louie, who gets always crated, did fantastic without his crate.

You ever feel like you have someone just sitting on your
shoulder barking orders while you are driving... we do.
We left the funeral a little earlier than we wanted to, but we had a long drive home, and didn't want to drive all of the way in the dark, especially since I had to be ready for work the next morning. Regretfully we had to skip also visiting Grandmother, time did not allow us, and we felt awful about it. We passed many cars with our brave Chinook, and were absolutely sad thinking that it will be the last trip. It is perfect size for a single person to live on, and two people to make trips with, and seems like the only option for us to get around at all with all the critters. It drove so beautifully, I am sure we will miss the ability to just step on the pedal and zoom by the slow pokers. Even Pixie calmed down on our way home, and I was able to sit on a seat instead of laying in bed with her to keep her calm. Though it didn't come without any enforcing, every time she got jumpy all over us, I cracked the window a bit, and the sound scared her to go lay down. I am sure it would be safer to have them all crated during the drive, but it is not possible in this tiny rig to have 3 crates.

The cotton is ready
We passed again tons of stinky stuff, roadkills of all sorts, cats, raccoons, dears, dogs, possums, skunks and armadillos, and each one of them made me sad and some of them made me nauseous. I am sure we passed some chicken farms too, the smell was really strong, and almost made our eyes watery, that would not be explained away with roadkills alone. The trip was quite successful and we are once again thankful to my husbands cousin for letting us suck their power to keep the rig cool for the doggies. I just wish we could have stayed couple of days, instead of having to squeeze the whole trip into one day. After all, Chinook deserves a goodbye trip.


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