Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We feel the blues of Chinook being sold. We were supposed to "baby sit" her while the new owner was out of town for the weekend, but his wife seemed to bond with her real fast, and we haven't seen her since the money changed hands. I am glad it went to a good home where it gets used. Now we get to step into the next part of our plan, which is getting the house fixed, so we can rent it out. Time is going by fast, and we need to kick in the next gear, there might only be couple months left for us to get ready.

The Halloween has been really tame this year for us. We usually have a party for Halloween, but this year we sold our awesome margarita machine, and decided to not throw a party after all. We did attend one though, and like usually for this holiday, we were dressed up for the occasion. I love Halloween.




  1. You look great!

    Got rid of the margarita machine? Nooooo!

    It's hard to see old traditions die, but you'll be making an amazing new life for yourselves soon, and I'm nothing but happy for you!

  2. Thank you April! I was sad to see the margarita machine go, but who needs two industrial sized machines at home? Ok, we would if we had the parties like we did, but it would not fit into our RV, so I guess we gotta make our margaritas one at a time. ;o)
    Yes, not having your traditions around feels kinda sad too, but new exciting things will take over, and we just gotta remember what great adventures we have awaiting instead. I'm trying to think positive and realize that life happens to those who open the doors and welcome the new life in.