Sunday, October 7, 2012

Private Investigator

Spent some time on the Revcon trying to track down the mysterious power drain.  After a while, my neighbor and I discovered his amp meter only measures A/C current, so our previous readings were all wrong.

So a trip to Home Depot and 150 bucks later I had the only AC/DC Amp meter they had in stock in my hands.  After hooking it up to the DC panel I was getting solidly good readings on everything I turned on, but no phantom power drain.

Glenn saw my wife's posting yesterday and sent me an email with the ingenious idea to hook up the amp meter to the battery itself and then monitor the amp readings.  So I proceeded to do that after checking the amps going through the DC panel and immediately noticed something draining about 16.5 amps, which is next to cataclysmic for someone who would want to spend any length of time in an RV.  That drainage explains why my batteries got killed overnight.  To put it in layman's terms, something draining 16 amps per hour and a battery when fully charged is 125 amp/hours, at best you have 7.5 hours of power.

So, the good news is my purchase of the amp meter was justified.  The good/bad news is now I get to put on my detective hat and trace down the power-sucker.  The adventure continues...


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