Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bead Soup Party - Blog Hop Event

Some of you know that I am a glass artist. I have a degree in glass blowing but I love working also on a smaller scale. I make little glass beads and sculptures using torch, this is called lampworking. I signed up to the Bead Soup Party, which is a blog hop event where we are paired with another person and we exchange beads, one focal and coordinating beads to go with it (I make mine of glass, my partner maybe doesn't) and a special  clasps. Using these provided supplies we make jewelry and post it on a set reveal date on our blogs. Then the list of blogs is published and we can hop from one blog to another to see everyone's creations. 
So in the beginning of April I will be hopping from one blog to another. You should too!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Silence of the Lambs

Yes, we have been sheepishly quiet, there has not been much to report lately but we are hoping that this will be changing soon. The exciting news is that the last time we took our rig out for a holiday with the family; one of the critters managed to pee in it without us noticing (the ugly carpet hides stuff well, I guess it is good and bad... in this case, very bad) and we were sure there is some sort of leak in a black tank, that's how bad it smelled. Appears that we will be changing the flooring sooner than later, while it has been standing without any use for weeks, it has started to stink. No good! So bye bye carpet, we are not sad to see you go! But we are sad to have to do the work to get it changed.

I think it is one of these two who peed on the carpet... 
We had some resilient cold fronts here that seemed to make the winter last longer than usual, and we hadn't really winter proofed anything in the RV and it seems that we have sprung some leaks in there. Both faucets, the one in the kitchen and the one in bathroom are leaking and we were so glad we had to buy new ones to replace them.  You will not believe the rig was made in 2002, it looks like from the Dynasty, everything is black and white and on top of that (like a cherry on the ice cream) the fine golden faucets and other hardware in the bathroom. Scary if you ask me. But at least the most obvious eyesores will be now replaced.

Today we did some shopping, the new water fixtures, some plumber's tape and a Payday candy bar to keep us alive until our Monday tradition (Indian buffet with our good friend). The faucets are stinking expensive, and we suffered $200 plus taxes. We also filled up the propane tank in our Beastie and did our first dump ever. It was exciting. I was just expecting a scene from the movie RV rolling in front of our eyes but our excitement was short lived and nothing happened. It wasn't even as stinky as I thought it would be. I think it was stinkier inside the rig. We also bought a new black water tank hose with some gloves and that brought us to spend another $140 and then some at the RV place. We were eyeballing the LED light bulbs, new shower head and new latches, but didn't want to spend more today, partially cause we didn't find exactly what we wanted and $350 in one day is enough, gotta do some working in between shopping sprees. We will be back to upgrade the light bulbs, shower head and the latches on our cabinets.