Monday, September 3, 2012

Overwhelming to do list

So today after lunch we decided to sit down and start writing down the things that we need to do before we are able to sell the house, and think about hitting the road. It didn't take long to run out of the space on the paper. The list is really quite long, even before we go into fine details.  For now it is just in very generic form, like: landscaping, or painting. I am sure it will get much more intimidating once we start breaking it down to actual things that need to be done to get those certain steps done. Whimper, whine and moaning!

Louie, the love muffin

We made the decision to change our lives about two months ago. Not much has happened since then, I have gone through couple closets to clean them out of junk, but what is left there can't really be called treasure even by the most optimistic person ever. Some of it is very useful, and has been in use for sure, like Halloween and Christmas decorations, but if we were to live in an RV, I doubt that we would be hauling any of that around with us. My Christmas decoration will be snowflakes cut out of folded Kleenex... after careful decision making that I won't be needing it for my nose anymore.

My glass studio has been reorganized, and unnecessary stuff has been moved aside. Ok, stuff that I don't have room in there anymore has been moved out of the room to the hallway. Way smart, especially since the light bulb blew up in the hallway, and it is dark now, so we keep tripping on the stuff. I swear I will move it all to the garage into the bin that will go to good will.

We will start as soon as the weather cools down by organizing the garage, we have to divide everything to piles of garage sale material, and to be junked or donated pile. There is lots of good stuff, that we definitely would use ourselves, but it will not sell on any day... ever. So some of it just really needs to go out of the way as soon as possible.

We will also need to figure out how to store the stuff that we don't want to get rid of. There will be some furniture for sure that needs to stay, in case there is an occasion that we will want to settle down somewhere. For now it is going to be crucial that we just get rid of stuff that we don't need. Watch out elliptical, you will be listed first!

On a visit at NASA center in Houston

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