Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Options

Just wondering what kind of options we have. Lee had the idea of the century, we could make the RV to look like a Mutt Cutts van from the Dumb and Dumber. I loooove that movie, and I would be honored to drive the Mutt van around. So what ya think? Looks pretty, hmmm... plush and maybe it is just lucky that we did not end up with the toy hauler, it would be kind of... inappropriate to ever have to use that ramp.  Just worried about the mildew on it if we ever visit Washington state.

Ok, joking aside. At the moment Lee has just purchased our new RV, and has hit the road to drive it down from Illinois to Texas. We have had very mixed emotions about this rig, Lee absolutely loving it, and me, well, not being sure it had enough room for all of us, big enough kitchen and enough storage. And since my manager did not want to change my work days, so that I could see this rig before us purchasing it, I have to just trust Lees judgement on it. But I believe I will see soon myself what we got ourselves into. Lee should be home in about 15 hours depending what kind of breaks he is going to have to take. All that I know, he might be driving home the Mutt Cutts van. I am so crossing my fingers, legs and eyes!


  1. That tingling sensation when you cant think about anything else! Exited for you guys. MVi

    1. I definitely can't think about anything else :o)