Sunday, May 12, 2013

Photo Contest Entry And How You Can Help Us Win

So I submitted a photo of our Italian Greyhound Louie to the photo contest. The winner will get a digital painting of that image and I am of course hoping that would be my image. Please click this link to the photo contest and vote for the number 47. On the page is a link to the voting right above the entry photos. Thanks for your help.

I do have some good news too. So, we re-homed our cat of almost 6 years yesterday. I was very nervous and heart broken, until we got to the house where he was gonna be living. He is in perfect place now. It was like a cat haven with two other cats and the whole house pretty much dedicated for them. I am so happy for him, he is gonna be much better there with tons of attention and buddies than he would be with us, dogs chasing and he would be hiding. He even sent pictures of them us to see how well they were doing. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!


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