Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Are You CRAZY??"

So it seems it's about time I chime in here to give my perspective.  As the story goes my job will be outsourced to India in a number of months, at which point my wife and I have decided we want to try full-time RVing for a while.  I've told many of my friends about this, and amazingly enough I haven't heard 'Are you Crazy??' once.  Most seem to reply with comments like, 'I wish I had done that', or 'I wish I could do that.'  Maybe if I blaze a trail among my crew, others will follow.  I have to give kudos to Glenn at for blazing the way for me and opening my eyes to what is out there to see and do as well as a whole new lifestyle.

Pixie trying to figure out RV travelling

As was mentioned before, we have a zoo that will be tagging along. 3 small dogs and a cat in an RV seems to be a huge challenge and way more than what our current RV can support.  The Chinook has been a great RV for the short time I've owned it, easy to drive, easy to get anywhere, and very comfortable, and oddly enough for a house on wheels it gets almost the same gas mileage as our Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 with a V-8 Hemi.  I don't have to worry about driving in the city streets with it as it's about the same length as our Chevy truck at 21 feet.

With that said, we will have to sell it soon enough in order to find what we hope will be our next Home.  The only thing that will work will be a Class A of some kind.  For my wife to do work on the road we would need a Toy Hauler Class A rig, it's the kind that actually has a garage in the back that we can convert to a Glass Studio.  As to what I'll be doing for a job remains a mystery, so having my wife with a work space to support us sounds like a necessary component.

So..a Class A rig..
I have never driven anything near that big.  I imagine it only takes practice and most forums say driving them is pretty easy.  My concern is when we get into a small 2 lane town and I need to make a turn without hitting stop signs, children, cars, and houses.  Again, I guess practice will make perfect and I'll just have to be careful about keeping the gas tank full at any Truck Stop I can find. Which brings up another point..
Gas vs Diesel?  The kind of rigs we are looking at seem to be mostly gas, but the Diesel ones actually can carry a lot more and seem to get slightly better gas mileage.  None of them are Diesel pushers though (guess that garage in the back gets in the way of a motor) so you don't gain all the storage a normal Class A Diesel Pusher would have.  No idea if the diesel mpg difference overcomes the extra cost per gallon or the extra maintenance they seem to require.

This is just a small glimpse of things tumbling thru my mind.  We still have to sell off tons of excess stuff, figure out what we want to store and where, fix up the house, sell it, and so many other things. Thankfully my job has given me a few months notice about this, so I think we can make a big dent in these chores and hopefully hit the road in time for Spring next year.

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