Monday, August 27, 2012


Well, this is finally the day we have decided what would fit best our needs. We were just about ready to go buy beautifully restored Airstream. Oh my it was so pretty, and so well restored, but we realized that it is not the right one for full time RV'ing. At least with the amount of baggage that we come with, it would be impossible to fit all that into one of those. If you could only hear us sigh from the disappointment. I still love those rigs, they are so pretty, and the feeling when you drive one must be all flower power and fun. Exactly like it was to drive my old beetle bug. Those times... You feel like hippies and like listening to the Beach Boys or Mamas and Papas.

Lee, hard at work thinking how to accomodate us all, and all the stuff

Anyway, if you read the earlier rants, you well know our dilemma about not being able to take with us all that we wanted, since my art needs an actual studio. We could haul a little trailer, or we forget my art for the time being, and haul a car, so we can actually get around a bit easier while running errands. But I think we finally figured it out. Class A toy hauler! That way we can have a car and a studio/office/storage/laundry room/what not with us. I saw some toy haulers before, but did not like their layouts, but Lee found today some that were exactly what I wanted. Yay, I am so excited now.

The most amazing thing is, that we can actually find a used one that we might be able justify vs having to buy a brand new, that would kind of turn the whole thing of affordable living and travelling upside down. We would also be able to accomodate all our critters easier, and maybe even have some extra stuff in the storage that we didn't think we had room to take along at all.

It is all starting to look clear... once all the hassle with the house is done, it is going to be smooth sailings. Oh wait, no, that was for the next blog of ours... the one we write from our house boat.

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