Friday, August 24, 2012

Back And Forth... Back And Forth

I have been torturing myself all morning with potential rigs that we could buy, and with the thought, that we should go cheaper first, and see if we even like full time RV'ing. And if it seems like it is our kinda thing, then go ahead with a little more expensive. It is easier said than done, I keep going back to oohing and aaahing those ones that are almost the same value as our house. Which would equal pretty much something like: unrealistic! Sucky! Champagne taste and beer budget is what I got.

The problem is that as an artist I do like pretty things, and I don't mean decorative things, I mean designs. I do not understand how RV's ever sold when some of them have so ugly upholstery and carpeting, and I am not talking about the one that are from the decades ago, like you would think looking at some sofas and curtains, no, some of those are just from few years back, and even the brand new ones have some pretty hideous fabric choices. But looking at them, it looks like the outside of the RV's are from this millenia, the inside is straight from That 70's Show. Maybe I am just too picky. Could totally be the case.

I have really fallen in love with Monaco Vesta, but unfortunately it is brand new model, and there aren't any used ones in our budget range yet. Maybe in couple years, if we are lucky some will be little cheaper, and still in nice condition. But finding the right RV can be tricky. I don't think my wish list is that unreasonable, but it is not easy to meet with the fact that one of my requirements is: no butt ugly couches!!! And once again, the rest of my requirements are maybe a bit superficial, however, they are somewhat important to me, and I wish to have as many of them as possible. No carpet in bathroom, spacious kitchen with oven, washer/dryer, and separate bathroom... at least the toilet seat should be behind the doors even when all the doors between the bedroom and living area are open. And I would love to have side by side fridge.

I would love to have an old Airstream, but finding one in our price range and with all the bells and whistles that we want, is pretty unlikely. We might have to just get one that is not in perfect shape and restore it ourselves. It will be lots of work, and it worries me that we might not be actually prepared to all the work that it will take to make sure everything will work and be the way we like it. Could be lots of money, and most likely some of the things will be learnt the hard way. I'd love to say that we are ready for it, but I am not sure we understand the size of the project it would be.

While I struggle with the decision making about the RV, I realize that I am way ahead of myself. I need to be concentrating on the house right now. We need to organize everything room by room , so all can be either sold, donated, destroyed or packed away, or saved to be taken into the RV. While I realize that the latest category is the smallest, it is really difficult to let go of certain items. I believe that the stored items group will be much bigger than we realize. It will also be sad to let go of some things that have more than just monetary value. And I am afraid that most of those things that I brought with me from Europe will end up in that category. I also suspect that the entire insides of my studio will end up either in storage or in the RV. I won't be able to work with glass (like I can now), without proper space, but I can perhaps concentrate on other aspects of my creativity.

There has been talk about mobile studio, but if we are driving a bit bigger rig, we really need to haul a car or SUV. If that wasn't necessary, we could possibly haul a tiny trailer that could be transformed into a studio. Mobile studio wouldn't come without any issues, I would still have difficulties storing my glass on the road so that it wouldn't break, but I bet there could be solutions for that. But it would take lots of special attention to several things, some maybe not worth the trouble. I have come to the terms with my glass, and I could agree taking a break from it. It would be too selfish to think that we would survive in a small space with dogs and a cat, just so that I could justify haulingl my studio around.

This weekends agenda will be to organize my studio, and find out how to move my gigantic storage units to be stored. I will not be selling anything from my studio, at least right now I feel that it will be just a break. But maybe I can compromise a little more with other stuff. At least I am still keeping the hope alive.


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