Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Thoughts of Full Time RV'ing

So today is the day, I for the first time dared to share the blog with anyone. So I posted it on my Facebook wall, so that our friends and family can follow the journey too. I was very hesitant to do this, cause I didn't want the people from work to think that I am about to quit on them any time soon. This process has no dead line, we have no idea if it will ever even happen, but so far we are thinking it has to at some point. The sooner the better, but a few months will definitely pass by before that.

Full time RV'ers don't clean pools!

So my dreams have started to be flooded with RV's. In my dreams I always find the most spacious rigs with all kinds of amenities for almost no money at all. And then I wake up. But even the crazy dreams will give some great ideas for the future. The only limit to our imagination is actually the budget that we work with, but with some hard work and dedication, you can get quite a bit accomplished.

My work has started to feel like a grind, which is unusual, cause I really love my job. Maybe it is just that we have been so busy lately, that I feel like I can not get everything done. Could be also that my mind is just shifting into the possibility of relaxed life with my family, where ever we want to be. Could be on any of the thousands of possible beaches, or on a mountain overlooking the valleys or by the lake typing away onto my blog. No waking up at 5am... Oh boy, I need to stop dreaming, or life will feel really hard.

Just kick back and enjoy for a change

This full time RV'ing has started to feel more and more like actually something that can be an extremely enjoyable experience. I don't even understand anymore why did I ever think that it would be miserable, not fun, and I would have to give up everything? Probably just because I thought that all the material things were what mattered, now I am little more geared towards thinking that the quality of life might actually matter a bit more.

There is no room for arguments in an RV, we will be very close to each other all the time, even when we would like to get a bit distance. We need to learn how to compromise, how to read the other person, and how to share the same space and at the same time be all by ourselves. Of course there is always the great outdoors, but even if we plan on following the nice weather, we might be in the middle of unexpected down pour, and taking your distance is not necessarily always possible.

And have your family with you

We will sincerely miss all our friends and family, but with the internet, facebook, and the blog we will still be in contact.  Since we are on wheels, we may actually see a lot of you in person more often as we travel around. We will also miss the convenience of suburban living, when you are boon docking the convenience store is not always there next to you, you have to think about all shopping needs ahead of time. And of course we will miss some things that we won't be able to take with us, like my husbands hockey team. I will be on the other hand very pleased that the sweaty hockey gear (no matter how well it was washed) is no longer stinking up the garage.


  1. I for one am so glad you shared this. I think you two will excel at this challenge/adventure! Every day will be unique. It sounds like you know what's important.

    1. I can see more clearly now what is important for us, I am thinking that could be called growing up. ;o) I guess it is time.