Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Starting Point

We are a couple from Texas, both around 40 years old. We have no children, but we have our furry family, one cat and three small dogs. We purchased our dream house to be about 4 years ago and decided that with some updates, it would be perfect. 4 years later very little of our updates have been done, and the huge yard, and Texas heat is causing more maintenance than we have energy and time for.

For now, until our plans are in real motion, we decided it is best for our identities to remain secrets, until then you will know us as Zophie and Lee. I am Zophie, dreamer and artist, and I also work in health care field, and my husband Lee is a computer guru and I guess somewhat dreamer too. We love our critters and dream of travelling and one day living close to the beach somewhere warm, but not too hot. We own a nice class B+ Chinook RV, and we hope to be able to take some trips around the state or close by with it, so far the trips have been just couple little holiday visits to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.

About a month ago things changed in our family, my husbands employer informed that he will be laid off in about 6 months, and to be honest the panic started setting in. We were trying to figure out how to manage to keep our house if he will not be able to get another job. In the worst case, we thought, we would have to give up the dream and sell it and maybe live in our RV. From there the panic kind of shifted to the thought of maybe taking some time off and possibly spending some time on the road, not because we didn't have a choice, but because that is what we wanted to do.

Our RV, Chinook has a unique layout, most of them have a sofa or diner booth that turns into a bed, but we have a double bed on the permanent setting. That was the reason we wanted this exact RV. I hated the thought about having to hide the bed in the morning and then make it again at night. This works perfectly for us, but we did realize that after adopting our third dog, the room for them to play has gotten too small, and we could not live permanently in that small of a RV with 3 dogs and a cat. So we have decided that we need to sell our lovely little RV and get a bigger one where we have room for all of us without anyone feeling homicidal after couple of days.

We seem to change our plans on a regular basis, the more we think about this, the more options we seem to have, and the more we go back and forth. One thing is now clear for us, we want to simplify our lives, we don't need the over sized house on the over sized lot with over sized pool, and most of all, with over the top maintenance. We want certain things, but after some serious thinking we realized that we can fit all those things into much smaller package. We can make our lives into an adventure, move to where the weather is nice, around 75 degrees, and enjoy the life while we dive into the world.

Right now our plan is to get a smaller class A with nice floor plan. We need to sell our Chinook first, but then we are on the look for an RV with separate bathroom, spacious kitchen with stove, and I also want a washer/dryer. My husbands wish list is shorter, he wants good storage so he can build a solar system and store some of the solar energy in a bunch of batteries and he also wants a king size bed.

If you will follow our journey, you will likely see our minds changing several times, our struggles with some things and the excitement of the future adventures.



  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! What an awesome dream. I'm sorry about Lee's employment status, but you two are turning this into a great opportunity. I wish you the best of luck and you can always come here, take a bath, and drink lots of wine with us whenever you want.

    1. Thanks KD, you are a great influence on our dream too! You introduced the tiny house blog in your FB, and I got totally hooked up on that. Now I saw our own opportunity to live tiny. :D