Monday, August 20, 2012

House Hunting

Today we decided to go to see some of the RV's, since we have an idea of what we want, but we have never been in one, nor have we shopped for one, a class A RV that is. We decided to hit one of the local RV dealers that rents and sells RV's. And don't you guess that the only time you would actually have wanted the salesman to come and try to sell (read: tell more), they are nowhere to be seen. Then on the other hand, we were glad to just criticize everything without feeling bad. We had to do some peeking around on the class C's and were very surprised how big some of them were, and thought that we would fit fine in any of those, but for a full time RV'er, it might get too tight to store all the necessities. So, back to class A's we went.

We have been trying to find out more comparisons between gas and diesel rigs, and not really been very successful. The storage areas under the rig seem much larger in diesel operated ones, but I am not sure if it will justify the higher pricing. Diesel does come with some disadvantages too, like problems in cold weather, but we are not expecting to experience any of those, since our road heads mostly to the areas with no snow or freezing temperatures.

We have been searching for different options, and we have narrowed it down to few according to our taste, likes, and budget. Few of our favorites are: Fleetwood Bounder, Monaco and Country Coach. They are all pretty differently priced, and our year model wishes depend on a make, ok, I of course meant... it depends on our budget. We are kind of confused with the slide outs, they give lots of extra room (and believe me, we need some room for the greyhounds to run), but we are quite confident that they are also the weaknesses on these rigs.

We have two different choices, and both of them have their pros and cons. The first option would be to purchase newer RV, that has all the comfortable features that we want, and would definitely keep us happy, but that would depreciate in value almost down to nothing during our adventures, that might take years. The second option would be to buy one that has already gone down in value, but hopefully would be in good enough condition for us to travel in, and that way once we are done, we would have had much more money saved, and we would have more money to purchase our next dream home. But we would almost definitely in that case run into all kinds of problems that are caused by the age and wear, plus the features are not as nice in the older rigs, we would be more dependent on laundromats and what not.

Decisions decisions...


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